Our Background

So, what exactly is Llamau?

Llamau is the leading Homelessness Charity for the most vulnerable Young People and Women in Wales.

The word Llamau means steps, progression or threshold in old Welsh, and our ultimate aim is to support the people who use our services in making these positive steps.

We’ve become a ‘provider of choice’ because of our ability and reputation for working with all young people and vulnerable women. We are particularly well known for engaging with those at risk - particularly care leavers, young offenders, those at risk of offending, victims of domestic abuse, and people who have chaotic and disadvantaged lifestyles. They all need high levels of individual support to gain the necessary skills to live independently and integrate with communities.

In short, we often connect with people where others cannot.

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"Llamau believes we all have the right to fulfil our potential"

Climbing the heights! Climbing the heights! Participation days like these help build confidence
Too many cooks? Too many cooks? Preparing communal meals gets everyone cooking healthy food!