Corporate Support

A partnership with Llamau can help promote your company and help you meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives. By supporting us, your company will be helping us connect with disadvantaged, vulnerable young people throughout Wales.

Businesses provide hugely important funds for us, but also help us raise Llamau’s profile in the local community.

You can support us through a number of ways, whether it is volunteering at our events, fundraising on our behalf, donating items for the people that we support or even just spreading the word about our work!

If you work for a company that chooses a different charity to support each year, why not suggest that Llamau becomes your next Charity of the Year?

We can come to your offices to speak to your colleagues about what we do, as well as help with fundraising ideas. Whatever the size of your business, we would love to talk to you. Contact Wendy by email or on 029 2023 9585 to discuss how your business can become involved in Llamau.

See below for some of our current corporate supporters:

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From skydivers to runners and pub quizzes to cake sales, the number of corporate supporters have continued to increase over the years. You could support Llamau from doing something as simple as displaying one of our donation tins at your business to making us your charity of the year or even taking part in our annual fundraising event Sleep Out!

But as our organisation grows, so too does the need for more and more of you to get involved, helping us make a real difference to real lives. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like any more information or have any of your own ideas!

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