I have become homeless, or I am just about to be made homeless, what do I do?

Get advice about your situation. In Cardiff & the Vale Llamau run advice projects where they can advise you on your options. In other areas you should be able to get advice from your local Housing/Homelessness council department. All Council Homelessness departments will be able to give you advice about your situation or refer you to a specialist agency who can help. Most Homelessness Teams also have Homelessness Prevention Officers who can help you. If you are 16 or 17 (older in some areas) and are have been living with your parents you may be referred to a family mediation worker. (See our section on Family Mediation to find out how these projects work)
You may be entitled to housing and/or support through your Council’s Housing Department. You may even be classed as in Priority Need which means that the Council have a legal duty to find you somewhere to stay. In Wales, those classed as in Priority Need are:

• A pregnant woman
• Those who have children that are financially reliant on them
• Those who need special help because they are old, mentally disabled, physically disabled or other special reason
• A 16 or 17 year old
• Any person aged 18,19 or 20 who is at particular risk of sexual or financial exploitation
• A person who is 18, 19 or 20 and who has at any time been privately fostered, lived in a children’s home or been in the care of a local authority, health authority or voluntary organisation
• Any person who has been subject to domestic violence, is at risk of domestic violence or would be if she or he returned home
• A person who has formerly served in the armed forces and has been homeless since leaving those forces
• A former prisoner leaving custody and has been homeless since leaving custody who has a local connection to the area they wish to apply to be housed

But remember - if the reason why you have become, or are about to become homeless is your fault, then you may not be entitled to any assistance from the Council at all so think very carefully about whether or not you really have to leave where you are.

The telephone numbers for Housing/Council Departments in Wales are:

Anglesey: 01248 384 968 Bridgend: 01656 642 200
Caerphilly: 01443 863 039 Cardiff: 02920 871 488
Carmarthenshire: 01267 234 567 Ceredigion: 01545 572 181
Conwy: 01492 576 285 Denbighshire: 01824 708 451
Flintshire: 01352 703 350 Gwynedd: 01286 862 834
Merthyr Tydfil: 01685 725 000 Monmouthshire: 01633 644 644
Neath Port Talbot: 01639 764 692 Newport: 01633 232 567
Pembrokeshire: 01437 775 816 Powys: 01874 612 297
RCT: 01443 485 515 Swansea: 01792 533 100
Vale of Glamorgan:01446 709 567 Wrexham: 01978 291 422

I’m struggling to maintain my current accommodation and think I need some help, can you assist me?

Llamau has various Floating Support Schemes that assist people to maintain their accommodation. To see if we operate in your area, go to the Home Page, click on Services and Services in your Area. Alternatively, contact the office which is closest to you. Even if we don’t have a scheme in your area, you should still be able to access support to help you maintain your tenancy through your local housing/council dept.


I don’t want to leave home but I’m really not getting on with the rest of my family, what can I do?

If you are aged 14years old or older, our Family Mediation Service may be able to help prevent you having to leave home by working with you and your family to resolve your differences. Check out our Services section on the Home Page to see if Llamau’s Family Mediation Service is in your area.

Family Mediation can also help you if you have left home and either want to return to your family or want to rebuild relationships with any family members.

Do you house couples or families in your Project Houses?

No. All of our Project Houses are for single people. However, certain Floating Support Schemes within Llamau are able to support vulnerable families. Ring one of our offices if you would like more information.

What can I expect from the support/advice I receive from Llamau?

Everyone at Llamau wants the people they support and advise to achieve their full potential throughout their time with us, and beyond. By working together, the majority of people who receive a service from Llamau leave us feeling more able to manage their lives effectively. This is because we involve the users of our services in many of the decisions that are made, from planning their own support packages through to choosing which direction the organisation should go next.

What do you expect from me whilst I am receiving a service from Llamau?

We understand that some days can be better than others and that staying motivated can be difficult. We are here as a team to help keep you motivated and focussed so that you will eventually feel able to make informed choices on your own, be that through our Support and Advice schemes or our training placements at Llamau’s Learning for Life Programme. Whilst working together we would have a signed Support Contract which would outline what would be expected of you. You will be required to attend a certain amount of appointments/sessions to show your commitment to making those changes too. Llamau’s service to you may have to come to an end if you fail to make them on a regular basis.

How do I know whether Llamau has the right services to help me?

Go to the Home Page, click on Services and scroll down to Services by Area to see what is happening in your area. Alternatively, contact the office closest to you for an informal chat.

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