Llamau supports ERS Cymru’s ‘Missing Voices’ Project

12 July 2017

Llamau recently welcomed the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) Cymru to its Learning 4 Life Centres in Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taff and Pontnewydd, Torfaen, to support their “Missing Voices” Campaign.

"Missing voices" will find out how people feel about politics in Wales and why so many people still don’t vote.
Representatives from ERS Cymru spoke to learners at the two centres in two sessions to find out what’s important to young people and how best to engage them in the democratic process.

Learners at the centres, which is funded by WCVA’s Active Inclusion Fund, also took part in a “Bite the Ballot” workshop, which encourages young people to get on the electoral register and shows them why it’s important to vote.

Jess Blair, ERS Cymru Director, said:

“We are in an age of fundamental change which will affect every single person in the country.

“The recent General Election in June saw a three percent rise in turnout in Wales from 2015 and reports suggest that includes a significant peak for young voters. Yet despite this increase there are thousands of people in our society who have no voice on any major decisions that are being made on their lives and we need to find out why.

“The ‘Missing Voices’ project will engage directly with people who sporadically vote or maybe have never voted before in their lives so that we can understand what needs to be done to make politics more relevant and more engaging. The information we collect will enable us to find a way to break down barriers that stop people voting and get thousands of missing voices in Wales heard.”

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