Next Steps

Llamau and Dr. Katherine Shelton from the School of Psychology at Cardiff University have built on what was achieved during the KTP funded project with a joint-funded PhD studentship that commenced in October 2014.

Charlotte Fry is investigating cognitive functioning among young service users, particularly looking at higher thinking skills, such as planning and being able to change task easily. Higher thinking skills support many other abilities and are crucial for success in everyday life. Another type of thinking, known as divergent thinking or creativity, will also be explored. As shown by the SEYHoPe data, our young people have a much higher prevalence of mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, than are found in the general population. Mental health is likely to affect day-to-day functioning, including higher thinking skills and this relationship is something Charlotte also intends to explore as part of her work with us.

Ultimately, the project aims to provide insight into the profile of higher thinking skills among our young people, as well as demonstrate how we can better support our service users to develop these skills.

Currently in the planning stages, this project is set to reveal more exciting findings and further underscore the value of working in partnership with an academic institution such as Cardiff University. This research will further advance academic understanding and once again highlight the ways in which Llamau can develop its service provision to benefit service users.

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