Our Values

Llamau is a values-led organisation which puts service users first and at the heart of the organisation. The difference with Llamau is the quality of support and empathy we offer. The following five core values have been distilled from everything we do:

We Respect

Llamau has a genuine respect for our service users. We listen to and learn from them every day. This ensures that our relationship with every individual is meaningful and our services are effective and successful.

We Listen

All Llamau staff are in constant consultation and dialogue with our service users, so that we can be there when we are needed. All work is undertaken with our service users taking full account of their views and priorities.

We Encourage

Llamau encourages positive involvement and full consultation of service users in the services that they receive.

We Learn

Llamau is totally committed to continuous improvement. Llamau has developed a comprehensive monitoring system, which evaluates all of its services. Each service is monitored and evaluated, as is each project. Performance indicators also play a part in evaluating the projects and the organisation to ensure that we add Value to our services and Best Practice guidelines are fully met.

We Don’t Give Up

Llamau recognises that too often service users are perceived as failing when services cannot be tailored to meet their needs or when they are not ready or able to maximise the opportunities open to them as a part of the support and training services that are offered to them. For this reason Llamau will continue to offer services to service users regardless of their previous actions unless these cannot be offered without prejudicing or putting other service at risk.

Support Us

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Visit to Cwm Hedd Lake, Bassaleg
Staff and services users enjoying Llamau's yearly Big Event