Llamau is proud to be participating in several research projects. By applying the knowledge gained from research to our existing methods, we are able to continue developing and improving our service provision. Find out more about our research projects below.


Developing housing services which reduce reoffending

Llamau undertook a two year research, strategy and lobbying project to develop effective accommodation services for young people involved in the Youth Justice System. More information about this project can be found here, with the findings also available to read online here.


Aspirational Development Programme

The Aspirational Development Programme takes forward a major finding of the research above, looking at how housing is a crucial factor in affecting engagement with education, employment and training. Social enterprise is being explored as a way of improving outcomes for young homeless people. For more information about this project, please read more here.


Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Two further research projects Llamau are involved in are part of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme. Llamau and two Welsh Universities have worked together on research which has enabled them to learn from each other. Llamau has benefited from the research expertise of academics at the Universities, while the Universities have benefited from having a chance to put research into practice.

Cardiff Metropolitan University (formerly University of Wales Institute Cardiff) - A study into the experiences and outcomes of Llamau’s service users

Llamau’s first KTP project was undertaken with the Housing Department at Cardiff Metropolitan University. The project sought to understand why positive outcomes were not reached by a small number of Llamau’s young people. For more information about this project, please read more.


Cardiff University - SEYHoPe: A study of experiences of young homeless people

Llamau has also formed a second KTP collaboration with Cardiff University’s School of Psychology and Cardiff University’s Neuroscience & Mental Health Research Institute. SEYHoPe: A study of the experiences of young homeless people was the first research project conducted under the partnership and was part-funded by the Technology Strategy Board, Economic & Social Research Council and the Welsh Government. In 2014 the Technology Strategy Board (the UK’s innovation agency) rated the collaboration between the university and Llamau as ‘outstanding’, a rating which was only awarded to a small percentage of KTP projects nationally. The project team included Dr. Katherine Shelton and Dr Marianne Van den Bree, and the project was managed by KTP associate Kate Hodgson. Kate studied for a PhD as part of her research work with Llamau and was awarded her doctorate in July 2014.


The SEYHoPe project investigated the interplay between the characteristics of young people with experiences of homelessness and the services provided by Llamau, with the aim to enhance service delivery by fostering more effective interventions. As a result of the project a screening tool was developed to identify mental health problems in service users, enabling Llamau to better target support. Further outcomes included adjusting staff training to be more specific around mental health and the creation of a series of workshops for young service users to help them better manage their own mental health.

The partnership between Llamau and Cardiff University continues to grow and more research is underway. For information about the partnership and its research please read more.


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