Services Overview

Our Specialist Services

We specialise in engaging with high need young people who have a history of non-engagement with statutory bodies.

The majority of the young people and vulnerable women with whom we work are homeless. Many have been involved with the criminal justice system. They may be in or leaving care, may be young parents, or are victims of domestic abuse. Many are facing serious deficits in their education, affecting their employment prospects. Often, they are facing a combination of these issues.

Recognising that individuals have a range of needs - all of which need to be met - means we aim to address all the issues a person has, rather than provide one service in isolation. It means our work demands great and constant flexibility. Each service user is treated as an individual, and relevant services are tailored to meet his or her needs.

Focusing on what’s best for the individual

We work collaboratively with partners from all sectors - private, public and not-for-profit - in the interest of what works and what is best for the individual.

Through our services we:

  • Seek to resolve any immediate homelessness.
  • Define the problems that have resulted in homelessness.
  • Re-establish positive family contact, where appropriate.
  • Work to re-integrate young people with their families, where appropriate.
  • Support our service users to develop living skills and become independent.
  • Ensure people are receiving the statutory service support and financial assistance they are entitled to.
  • Encourage and motivate people to take up education and training (for those not ready for mainstream training we offer our own unique Learning 4 Life service).


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