Social Business

Llamau recognises the multiple difficulties faced by those in housing need and the barriers this presents to those wishing to begin or return to employment. By working with service users, both nationally and within Llamau, we have developed a blueprint for developing social businesses which offer meaningful and relevant training, volunteering and employment opportunities. We have applied this to launch two capable of becoming sustainable within an open market place whilst offering our service users the opportunity to further move forward in their lives.

Aspirational Development Programme

In 2011, Llamau supported five groups of young people from across Wales, to explore the potential for social business to deliver improved outcomes for homeless 16 to 24 year olds. Our ‘How To’ guide follows these groups from formation through business planning, fundraising and launch, highlighting best practice in the hope that we may encourage other groups to follow.

Llamau PAT Testing

Llamau’s Portable Appliance Testing business has been developed with, and is staffed by, a small group of our service users. These PAT Testing Engineers are fully trained, insured and equipped to deliver an industry leading service. Our two full time employees have over 4,000 tests under their tool belts having tested all of Llamau’s appliances and completed a number of external contracts.


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