Women's Services

We provide a gender specific range of housing related support projects for women aged 16 and over. The different kinds of disadvantage and discrimination facing women are closely inter-related, so within our safe, supportive, women only environment, women can express themselves freely and confidently, and feel comfortable speaking about their needs and experiences. This is especially important for those women who have been abused, as they need somewhere to be safe from the fear of sexual, physical or verbal harassment.

A high percentage of women accessing our services are from abusive/violent backgrounds with co-exisiting complex support needs. Between April 2008 and March 2009, 75% of women housed and supported by Women's Services had abusive/violent histories.

Our four main categories of support:


 • Short-term supported housing - complex needs

Women's Services have two specialist women-only safe and secure projects with 24 hour on-site staffing for vulnerable women  with multiple and complex support needs. Because of the complexity of need, the support interventions need to be multi-dimensional. Llamau's needs and risk assessment prioritises the support needs and starts from a crisis intervention basis which then looks at all the issues women face.

• Short -term refuge provision

A 5 unit refuge in Merthyr Tydfil providing safe and secure temporary accommodation for women and their children, providing advice and support to address domestic and sexual abuse issues and any other relevant support issues for women and their children.

• Medium–term supported housing

25 units of supported accommodation, ranging from bed-sits to self-contained flats throughout Cardiff, with a maximum stay of two years for women aged 16 years and over. The aim is to enable women to work towards more independent, permanent accommodation; making a positive impact on their skills and confidence.

• Longer term tenancy support

Six to eight units of tenancy support are provided for women in the Cardiff area who are experiencing difficulties in maintaining their tenancies, or prospective tenants who have been identified as needing support. We also provide six units of tenancy support to young parents in the Newport area who are experiencing difficulties in maintaining their tenancies, or prospective tenants who have been identified as needing support with tenancy and/or parenting issues. In Merthyr we provide outreach services to women and their children moving on from the refuge provision.

Multi Agency Centres

We are partners in several Multi-Agency Centres, One Stop Shops offering advice and support for women suffering from or at risk of domestic abuse. Click on the links below to find out more about them.

Safer Caerphilly Multi Agency Centre

Monmouthshire Multi Agency Centre

Teulu Centre, Merthyr Tydfil

Face to Face Centre, Newport


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"She is very helpful, she listens to me and she doesn't look down at me. She's the first person I feel able to trust completely."

"Building my confidence, help with decision making."

"Being treated as an equal, building confidence through being treated with respect."

"The support I receive is better than most other services."