Youth Homelessness

When people think of homelessness, they usually think of people living on the streets, but that’s just the top of the iceberg. Young people are often homeless because it’s not safe for them to stay at home, or because family life has become too hard. Young people are often sleeping on sofas, on floors, in cars or, worse still, with strangers.

Young people have often experienced trauma in their childhoods and have developed a range of complex needs – our research has shown that homeless young people are three times as likely to have a mental health issue as their non-homeless peers. Around a quarter of young people supported by Llamau have been in care. They often have little choice but to deal with the challenges of living independently at a young age.

Alongside these challenges, many young people have grown up living in poverty, leaving them at much greater risk of homelessness as they grow older. Combined with the UK Government’s welfare reforms, many young people are left without a safe and secure home, and without hopes for the future.

We believe that no young person should have to experience homelessness and over the past 5 years, Llamau, the lead charity in the End Youth Homelessness Cymru campaign, has supported over 21,000 young people at risk of homelessness in Wales.

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