Imagine having nowhere to live.

What would you do? Where would you go for help? How would you survive?

For thousands of people in Wales, homelessness is a frightening reality. Fortunately, Llamau (pronounced Lamb - eye) can provide the accommodation, support and advice that is so crucial in times of crisis. Llamau is Wales’ leading homeless charity, working with homeless and potentially homeless young people and vulnerable women across Wales.

An established charity with head offices in Cardiff but projects across Wales, Llamau has been working for over 30 years to offer support, help, accommodation and housing advice to homeless and vulnerable young people and women in Wales.

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Last year, 76% of the young people we supported told us that when they first became homeless, they had no idea where to go for help, advice and support. With an estimated 7000 young people across Wales asking for help with homelessness each year, we are raising funds the first out-of-hours helpline for young homeless people in Wales.

The time immediately after a young person becomes homeless is critical. Without access to support and advice, they can be set on a path of social exclusion which will follow them through to adult life.

Please help us to be there for young homeless people when they need us most.

You can read more about the appeal on our crowdfunding page.


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